Top tips from our staff

June 2016

It's has been a dry autumn and winter hasi finally arrived. Plenty of choice in the native garden for winter flowering plants. In place of flowers, use different coloured foliage such as grey foliage against mid green foliage or lime green foliage against dark green foliage.

Flowering NOW!

Banksia 'Coastal Cushions'

Brachyscome 'Brasco Violet'

Brachyscome 'Mauve Delight'

Brachyscome 'Radiant Magenta'

Chrysocephalum apiculatum  - Yellow Buttons

Crowea spp.

Epacris longiflora

Grevillea 'Hpneyeater Heaven'

Grevillea 'Winter Delight'

Lechenaultia spp.

Pimelea 'White Jewel'

Thryptomene saxicola compact

Grey Foliage

Westringia 'Smokey'

Conostylis 'Silver Sunrise'

Correa alba - White Correa

Eremophila 'Kalbarri Carpet'

Lime Green Foliage

Acacia 'Limelight'

Eriostemon 'Starsprite'

Lomandra 'Lime Tuff'

Lomandra 'Lime Spike'











Foliage colour and unique flowers.

Dicrastylis globiflora

H: 30cm

W:  1m

Full sun position, this beautiful grey foliage grows well in a mixed shrubbery, rockeries and also in pots.

Prune after flowering in autumn to maintain a bushy habit.

White, rounded flowers occur in winter and right through to summer.