Potting & Planting Media

Potting &
Planting Media

Potting & Planting Media
At Sydney Wildflower Nursery we have pot and planting products for all your planting needs.

Debco Native Mix
Potting mix which is low in phosphorous and contains a controlled release fertiliser and quality composted pine bark.
Debco Soil Conditioner
Improves water holding in sandy soil and acts as a clay breaker in clay soil. Contains saturaid and composted pine bark and coir fibre.
Other products available are:
Debco Terracotta and Tub, Orchid Mix, Cow Manure, Debco Seed Raising Mix and Debco Propagating Mix.



Colour for Christmas and Summer

Nothing quite says summer like the native Christmas Bush.

We have 2 varieties available.

Ceratopetalum gummiferum 'Red Red Red'

grows to 4metres - bright red flowers in summer


'Johannas Xmas' - dwarf

grows to 1 metre.