Plant Health

Plant Health

Osmocote Controlled Release Plant Food for Natives
Controlled release fertiliser that is activated my moisture and heat lasting for six months.
Seasol Seaweed Concentrate
  • stimulates root developement
  • promotes healthy growth in all plants
  • increases resitance to pests and diseases
Other Products available:
Iron Chelates, Sulphur, Trace Elements, Potassium Sulphate, Plant Starter, Rainsaver Water Crystals, Wettasoil, Groundbreaker, Garden Lime, Blood and Bone,Cow Manure, Gypsum.


Foliage colour and unique flowers.

Dicrastylis globiflora

H: 30cm

W:  1m

Full sun position, this beautiful grey foliage grows well in a mixed shrubbery, rockeries and also in pots.

Prune after flowering in autumn to maintain a bushy habit.

White, rounded flowers occur in winter and right through to summer.