Wattle Seed Ice-cream


2 litres of good quality vanilla ice-cream
10g of Wattleseed


This recipe is a very easy way to make good quality vanilla ice-cream into a bushfood sensation that every-one will rave about.

Simply add the wattleseed into a microwavable container and add just enough water to just cover the grounds plus about 20% extra. Heat this mixture until it just boils in a microwave (or you can do this in a saucepan) so the wattleseed flavour is infused into the water.

Once this has cooled down, add the whole mixture or if you don't want any grounds in your ice-cream, just the water gently folding this through the ice-cream. Re-freeze.

Serve with a Wattle Anzac biscuit for a unique chocolate-coffee-hazelnut flavoured ice-cream dessert.

If you make your own ice-cream, add the wattleseed to the anglaise base, cook to thicken and churn to freeze once cool. A good flavour combination with wattle is walnut, added once the ice cream is frozen.




Eremophila 'Kalbarri Carpet'

H:    groundcover to 30 cm

W:   2-3 m

Attractive grey foliage, profuse display of orange-yellow tubular flowers in spring and summer.

Full sun or part shade position in free draining soil. Hardy.