What's New in the Nursery

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New in the Nursery this week - Updated 22nd December 2018

Actinotus helianthi  - Flannel Flower

Adenanthos 'Silver Streak' - Woolly Bush

Anigozanthos 'Kings Park Federation Flame'- Kangaroo Paw

Austromyrtus dulcis x tenuifolia - Coppertops - edible berry

Citrus australasica - Finger Lime - 'Pink Ice', 'Chartreuse', Red Champagne', 'Judys Everlasting', 'Byron Sunrise', 'Rainforest Pearl'

Gastrolobium praemorsum - Brown Butterfly - foliage colour

Persoonia chamaepitys

Podocarpus 'Red Gem' and 'Blue Gem' - foliage colour

Pycnosorus globosus - Billy Buttons - yellow flowers





Grevillea 'Winter Delight'

H:     50cm

W:   1m

Grey/green foliage makes this a striking small shrub/groundcover all year.

In winter the striking flowers are prolific and stunning in their contrast.

Prefers full sun and well drained soil and can be pruned after flowering to maintain a bushy habit.