What's Flowering Now

Acacia aphylla - Leafless Rock Wattle

Acacia podalyrifolia - Queensland Golden Wattle

Brachyscome 'Brasco Violet' - Native Daisy

Brachyscome 'Radiant Magenta' - Native Daisy

Chorizema cordatum - Coral Flame Pea

Crowea exalata Large Flower Form

Grevillea Amber Blaze

Gerevillea Honeyeater Heaven

Grevillea Lady O

Grevillea New Blood

Grevillea Raspberry Riipple

Grevillea Scarlet Sprite

Tetratheca thymifolia - Black Eyed Susan

Thomasia macrocarpa 'Softy'

Westringea Violet Skies



































Chrysocephalum apiculatum - Yellow Buttons - yellow flowers

Corymbia  - Grafted Gums - red, pink, orange, scarlet

Crowea saligna - pink flowers

Goodenia ovata

Grevillea 'Dorothy Gordon'- mauve flowers



Grevillea 'Pink Midget' - Spider Flower - pink flowers

Grevillea rhyolitica 'Deua'Flame' - red flowers

Lomatia silaifolia - Parsley Bush










Grevillea 'Winter Delight'

H:     50cm

W:   1m

Grey/green foliage makes this a striking small shrub/groundcover all year.

In winter the striking flowers are prolific and stunning in their contrast.

Prefers full sun and well drained soil and can be pruned after flowering to maintain a bushy habit.